3D Figurines

What is Photography 3.0? 
Photography 3.0 is the community of people with strong liking and passion for miniatures.
We all have outgrown ourselves way faster than we can imagine. Our toys and legos are replaced by tablets and mobiles at an early age. Photography 3.0 is movement to explore our forgotten self and convert our special occasions & loved-ones into tiny world that we can cherish life long.  


Hello future! Presenting our very first miniature collection among all the forthcoming ones. We have made it possible to create stunningly detailed figurines that you can hold in your hand and view from any angle. In other words, its "half-of-me". Digitally sculpted by our futuristic artists and manufactured using sci-fi 3D printing technology, figurines capture all fine details from 360 degree including expressions, clothing, accessories and posture to make it look life-like.
So how does it work?
Step 1: Send us the high resolution images / 3D-scan. 
High Resolution images: These are nothing but images taken by phone camera / D-SLR camera from different angles. We will need 6 HD images to successfully digitally craft your figurine.
Upload Image style
3D-Scan: Some of our customers have scanners that integrates with iPads. Most popular scanners available and compatible with 3D printing are iSense and Structure.io. To place an order using scans, send us .obj file and we will take it forward from there. 
Click here to watch the sample video on how to take the scans. 
Step 2: Post-processing of images / 3D scan. 
In this step our artists prepare your figurine. It’s purely a manual process. Our experts spend around 2 - 72 hours to prepare your file. Time consumed is highly dependent of readiness of the file you have shared. 
Step 3: Manufacturing
Before we start printing, we send you the digital image of how the figurine is going to look like. This is to get your confirmation before we actually start manufacturing. Once it is confirmed all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Our machines and artists do the rest. 
Fore more info, Click here to read FAQ's on "half-of-me".