Frequently Asked Questions

What is so unique about this case? Why should I purchase this case?

We position our case as a fashion accessory. We know that you spend enormously on your phone and end up buying cases where you lose out on two main features:

  • The touch and feel of the phone body - You never feel the phone body that you liked so much while buying.

  • Beauty of the phone - Heavy duty mobile cases do not add anything to the beauty of your phone. They make it look bulky and spoil the x-factor of your phone.

Our cases specifically eliminate these drawbacks. They enhance the look and feel of the product and at the same time ensure that your fingertips never neglect the feel of the actual phone body.

    Why is the product not sold in a regular store?

    There is a difference between purchasing a product off the shelf and placing an order to have a product made especially for you. You can find the product in regular stores but they are mere samples. We manufacture the case only when you demand, making the product unique and true to you.

     How does the case feel?

    Let's talk basics. Why do you need a case? Because you tend to accidentally drop your phone. Statistically, more than 90% of the time, this happens because it slips from your hand. Why does it slip? Because your mobile case is very smooth and soft. Wait a minute, WHAT? That is right, that is the primary reason for your phone damage and our cases prevent that. Our matt finish offers anti-slip grip that drastically reduces the chances of slippage, hence drops and hence damage.

     What colors do you offer?

    We do not offer any standard color palette. We keep changing the color options depending on the season, occasion and trends. This keeps the freshness of every product alive. 

    Is the mobile case fragile?

    The mobile case is made of strong and flexible plastic. Since it is flexible, we suggest that you judge its fragility / strength after putting it on the iPhone. Our research team has tested this case for more than 100 drops without a single crack in the case.

    P.S. Our iPhone case will break only and only if it is twisted with a intent to break it.

    What is the process after you place the order?

    Customized or non-customized, every product that we make is made-on-demand. The unique experience of not purchasing an off-the-shelf product, and getting it done exclusively for you is the core of our entire process.

    Our first step is design, where our design experts digitally craft the customization requested by you. If there is no customization then we skip this step and directly jump to manufacturing. Our support team will share the digital image of the final design before we start the manufacturing and then the raw image just after the completion of manufacturing. After that, the product goes for the finishing operation where it is prepared to look like how you ordered it. Our customer representative will send you the professional image of the final product before it is securely packaged and delivered to the rightful owner.

    We believe in taking you through the entire process of design- manufacturing-shipment of your order. Our customer representative will send you the images of the product after completion of each step.

    What is the material of the product?

    There are two materials available in market now:

    • Silicon, which is very flexible but gives a cheap look. This material is only scratch-resistant and does not protect the body from jerks and drops.

    • Polycarbonate, which is very strong and gives a decent look. This material is scratch resistant and protects only from minor drops. This material cracks very easily as it is brittle in nature.

    What we give you is a unique nylon material which is exactly like the fabric that you wear. Imagine what would happen if you wrapped your iPhone in a thick handkerchief and dropped it!  The odds are that it will stay intact. We use the same material, which is very rich and elegant to look at and at the same time makes your case resistant to as many drops as you can afford.

    Why are the products so expensive?

    Our cases are expensive because they are unique in terms of design and functionality. 3D designer cases are rare in the market, mainly because of the inefficiency in terms of manufacturing. Our manufacturing technique is the newest in the market offering finest quality in its class.

    How much protection does this case offer?

    Our cases offer scratch resistant protection for your mobile case. They also protect your phone from the usual jerks and drops. One thing we are proud to guarantee is that no matter how hard you drop your phone, our case will never leave your phone. It will stick close to your phone’s heart.

    How durable is the mobile case?

    The cases are highly durable in terms of strength and functionality. We offer 1-year of warranty on manufacturing defects of the case.

    Can I wash the case in water?

    Yes, you can. You can use a normal dishwasher or a regular scrub to remove the usual stains. Excessive scrubbing and washing might fade the colors.

    How can I get in touch with team Chizel?

    You can write to us on or you can reach us at +91-20-6530-3939. We make sure that your concern does not go unattended for more than 24 hours.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do. But as our presence is limited to India, hence international shipment cost has to be borne by the customer.
    We are aggressively seeking partnerships to expand our reach internationally so that the parts reach the customer without any customs duty or heavy logistics cost.

    How thick is the mobile case? Does it make my phone look bulky?

    The “raised portion” is approximately 1.5 – 2 mm thick (which is negligible). iPhone 6 in itself is 6.9mm thick. So the whole thickness of the phone+ skin comes to roughly 7.1 -7.2 mm. So it still maintains your phone’s slim look and at the same time offers additional scratch resistance to your phone.

    How heavy is the mobile case?

    As far as the weight is concerned, our case weighs around 8 gms which is way lighter than your iPhone, which weighs around 129 gms. So you can imagine how light these cases really are. They’ve been designed taking into consideration that you do not have to carry any extra baggage with your phone. Conventional cases that you purchase from the market go above 20 gms.

    What do you exactly mean by customization?

    Chizel’s vision is to provide highly customized product uniquely crafted for every individual consumer. We all have some tentative projections in our mind as to how we want our product to be. Practically if we ask you to draw / sketch as to what you want, you may be unable to do so. Hence, we are trying to extract every individual’s thoughts in the form of simple sliders that you can play around with. The usage of a slider will create a unique geometry that can be further customized depending on what you want. Sounds ridiculous? Well, logically this is not possible today. But our design team is working tirelessly to achieve this in the distant future. Teaser coming soon.

    Currently, we offer simplistic customization subjective to design requirement. Each customizable option has its own feature. Still, you can ask our customer case representative as to what you really want. To contact now, click here.