India's first 3D printing online store

Hello People,

After lot of anticipation and curiosity, on behalf of team chizel, I am happy to unveil India's first 3D printing online store.  3D printing, an industry envisaged to change the life of every one of us, carries huge potential specifically in manufacturing. We are already talking about 3Dprinting kidneys and liver and heart. Can that really happen? Optimistically yes, you will infact order your kidney online, that will be manufactured using 3D printing and shipped to you right at your door-step. But today its too early to ship you any organ.  

With our store, our objective is to lay the foundation of 3D printing retail experience and help people discover what is technically impossible to be created before this very day. 3D printing is an additive process of manufacturing by binding lot of thin layers of material. Ergo, you can make an ball, inside a ball, inside a ball……inside a ball, without any manual intervention. You can make anything that your mind can think of. ANYTHING. Chizel store is myriad of such products, where you will find something unbelievable.

That is not all. We are developing the technology that can help you customize the product purchased from our store. Change the form of product as per your interest. We are not going to ask you write your name on back of the product, that is too mainstream, rite. magine what if your voice controls the design, your heartbeat turns it into a product and your fingerprints are the superficial texture on it. That is brilliant, isn’t it?

Honestly, we have taken more time than we thought. We stressed immensely to achieve the global standards for our product. I am proud to congratulate my entire team for this achievement. They have spent intense six months to understand the nitty-gritty of 3D printing that is not limited to material, geometric dimensions, tolerances, orientation, operational capacity and end finish. It is very exciting journey to develop a product, a product that no one believes can be made. Now it is time to see what “was” impossible.

Stay tuned!!