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Erwin Hauer's Parametric Modular Sculpts

source: To look at Erwin Hauer architectural screens is to see the past, present, and future. Weaving in three dimensions, and employed as ceilings, partitions, and even load-bearing walls, their light-diffusing patterns of repeating, parabolic geometries are as mind-bending as anything conjured by the digitally assisted designers of today. Except that Hauer's earliest structure, called Design 1, dates to 1950. Born in 1926, Hauer grew up in Vienna in "hard times, and on the wrong side of the tracks," he recalls. At 16, his formal education was interrupted by compulsory military service during World War II. An accident during that time left him with a bad leg and hearing loss in one ear. But by 1955, having completed studies...

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